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Core Lab Program


Welcome to the Core Lab Program


The Affymetrix Core Lab Program is designed for laboratories that run a centralized microarray service from within their institution. The program offers a range of benefits to help with the challenging process of setting up and running a core facility, including:

  • More rewards - free arrays based on annual array usage
  • More value - exclusive discounts on arrays and reagents, instrumentation, and service contracts
  • More premium technology - an expanded range of products, including high-throughput, low- to mid-plex assays, and high-quality, cost-effective reagents
  • More community - an annual meeting with other core labs, co-marketing opportunities, access to The Core Online (a web-based portal exclusive to program members), and priority communications


To join the Affymetrix Core Lab Program, your lab must:

  • Be part of a nonprofit organization
  • Provide microarray analysis service to other labs
  • Currently possess an Affymetrix® System
  • Have a valid instrument service contract


Download the Core Lab Program application form (pdf, 224 KB)

For more information, please contact us.