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Affymetrix® OwnerChip Program

GeneTitan™ System
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GeneTitan™ Instrument
Microarrays and Assay Reagents
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Microarrays and Assay Reagents
GeneChip® Scanner 3000
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GeneChip® Scanner 3000

Making Affymetrix instrument ownership easy

The Affymetrix OwnerChip Program is a rent-to-own program that enables you to spread the cost of new instruments over the cost of arrays, assays, and reagents. Whether you use a few hundred or more than 10,000 arrays per year, the OwnerChip Program is an easy way to get the newest microarray technology in your lab without the upfront capital expenditure.

In addition, instruments acquired through the OwnerChip Program are covered by the same one-year and extended warranty maintenance agreements that accompany all instrument purchases.

Contact your account manager or tell us more about yourself to get started.

The OwnerChip Program allows you to:

  • Avoid being tied to grant or funding cycles
  • Quickly adopt Affymetrix technology
  • Be among the first with access to the newest products from Affymetrix
  • Upgrade to a GeneTitan® Instrument for hands-free microarray processing

Program terms

  • Available in 12- or 24-month commitments

Instrument platforms

  • GeneTitan® Instrument (P/N 00-0360 120V, or 00-0363 220V)
  • GeneTitan® MC Instrument (P/N 00-0372 110V, or 00-0373 220V)
  • GeneChip® Scanner 3000 (GCS 3000) with AutoLoader System (P/N 00-0218)
    • Includes GCS 3000, Fluidics Station 450, Hybridization Oven 645, computer workstation, instrument control software, and barcode reader
  • High-Throughput GeneChip System (P/N 00-0362)
    • Includes GCS 3000 with AutoLoader plus Fluidics Station 450 for higher-throughput workflows

Arrays offered

  • Array plates
    • Axiom™ Genome-Wide Human Array Plates
    • Whole-genome in vitro transcription (IVT) perfect-match (PM) versions of human, mouse, and rat arrays
    • Whole-genome whole-transcript versions of human, mouse, and rat arrays

  • Cartridge arrays
    • Cytogenetics research arrays
    • DMET™ Plus Array
    • Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0
    • Human, mouse, and rat IVT whole-genome arrays
    • Human, mouse, and rat whole-transcript arrays

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.