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Scientific Publications

Search our database of 32199 scientific publications that use Affymetrix technology and find publications relevant to your research interests. Starting in mid-2015 product coverage has been expanded to include selected eBioscience and Life Science Reagent publications.

The database is updated regularly with more than 150 new publications added each month. Articles are indexed from a group of core journals, including all publications hosted on nature.com. Our criteria for inclusion is peer-reviewed, final publications.

If you notice that a relevant article is missing, please contact us and provide the reference so that it may be added. Due to the high volume of scientific publications catalogued for this database, articles may not appear for one to two months following publication.

For example,
"jones shapero" retrieves publications by jones AND shapero
"williams" retrieves william* (william(s), willamson, etc.)

For example,
"transcript" will retrieve transcript(s), transcriptional, transcriptome, etc.
"gene expression" will retrieve gene* AND expression

Not available for all publications.

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