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Affymetrix Secure File Exchange

Affymetrix Secure File Exchange

The Affymetrix Secure File Exchange is a file exchange system that enables Affymetrix and customers to share files. This service is similar to an FTP server, except that it is entirely web-based, and all communication is securely encrypted using SSL.

Since it is not part of the Affymetrix corporate web site; the secure file exchange is hosted on a separate SSL-enabled web server for privacy and security. SSL (HTTPS) is the same secure protocol that most Internet merchants use.

In order to obtain secure access to upload or download files, please contact your local Affymetrix representative or Technical Support. They can grant you access to an existing folder, or set up a new company folder for you. Please keep in mind that an Affymetrix.com login and ID is required.

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Custom Designs

If you need to access library files or assay panel files for your custom design and cannot log-in, please contact Chip Design or the Panel Design group. Once logged in, you should proceed to the "Chip_Design" parent folder to locate your specific company folder. Inside, all required library files and assay panel files for your custom array and/or panel designs will be displayed.